Price Model

MyBI has two service categories; Core and Add-ons. The Core service is licensed per MyBI configuration, where each configuration is connected to a Fortnox account. Most customers only need one configuration per company, but accountant firms that want to manage and provide reports to several customers can create multiple configurations.

Each company may have multiple persons (MyBI Administrators) involved in creating reports and models of the Fortnox data and thereby require the Additional Administrator Add-On service. The Microsoft Power BI template is also available as you can see below as an add-on service so you don't have to manually configure the data connections from Microsoft Power BI to the MyBI service, it also provides you with additional sample reports to get you going.

Core FortNox services
Feature Standard Premium
Licenses included MyBI Infrastructure (Azure SQL etc.) MyBI Infrastructure (Azure SQL etc.)
Fortnox data syncronized Accounts, Articles, Cost Centers, Currencies, Customers, Financial Years, Invoices, Projects, Supplier Invoices, Suppliers, Vouchers, Voucher Series Standard + Absence Transactions, Attendance Transactions, Contracts, Contract Accruals, Employees, Expenses, Invoice Accrual, Invoice Payments, Locked Period, Offer, Order, Salary Transactions, Supplier Invoice Accruals and Supplier Invoice Payments
Support – Unlimited Swedish office hours support
Scheduled nightly synchronization between Fortnox and MyBI
Power BI adopted data modeling of Fortnox data – simplifies Power BI usage of Fortnox data for users
Unlimited synchronizations between Fortnox and MyBI – Self-service initiation by you as an administrator in the portal
Price 490 SEK/month 990 SEK/month