The following sections describe what you need in order to get signed up and connect Power BI to your Fortnox data.

How to login and get started

How to connect MyBI and Fortnox

How to configure MyBI

Connect Power BI to MyBI and your Fortnox data

Step 1 - pre-requisites

First there are a couple of things that you need in order to enroll to the MyBI service. These are the two pre-requisites before MyBI can start delivering value to you:


Fortnox account

You need to have a Fortnox account and also an integration license from Fortnox.

Click here to learn how to get the integration code for your Fortnox account.

Power BI Account

You also need a Power BI account to start leveraging Power BI and connect to MyBI and your Fortnox data. Power BI is included in Office 365 and if you have any questions about how to get Power BI or Office 365 please contact us at Zwapgrid. We can provide you with everything as a service!

Click here to go to Power BI and register an account.

Step 2 - Setup Fortnox configuration

Second you need to set up your MyBI and Fortnox configuration. Make sure that you have the following information at hand:

Click on MyBI Configurations in the top menu to sign in using your Power BI account (Microsoft Work or Education).

When authenticating to MyBI the first time it will ask you to approve that the service reads some of your settings in order to properly authenticate you to the service. Click OK and proceed so that you see an empty list of MyBI Configurations:

Click on Create new to open the Order new Fortnox configuration page. Enter your information, approve Terms and Conditions and click Create a Fortnox Integration. At this point in time MyBI will send you a purchase confirmation email. Click on the link to confirm your purchase (remember that you have 30 days free trial!).

When the order has been confirmed MyBI will start to provision your database and initiate a full synchronization with Fortnox. This first initial synchronization may take up to an hour. You will receive an email once it has completed and the service is ready for Power BI access.

Upon completion of the order confirmation and synchronization you shall see the following state of your configuration:

Now you are ready to connect Power BI to MyBI. Click the Connect Power BI icon next to your confirmation and follow the steps described.