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No! You can use any tool of your preference to get access to your Fortnox data through MyBI. You can use QlikView, Excel, Tableau or any other tool that has the capability to communicate with a SQL database!
To sign into and start using MyBI you need an Office 365 (Azure AD) account to be able to authenticate into MyBI, and then you also need a Fortnox token account that you retreive from the Fortnox portal. Google accounts are currently not supported to use for login to the MyBI service. See the How-To page for videos on how to enroll to MyBI and setup the configuration against Fortnox. It also shows how you connect Power BI to MyBI once your initial Fortnox syncronization have been completed. If you don't have an Office 365 or Power BI subscription we at Zwapgrid can assist you with that, just contact us and we'll get it sorted out!

If you like to try out Office 365 Enterprise E5 that includes Power BI Pro for a month you can sign up with this link and you are more than welcome to contact us at if you need help:

Office 365 E5 Trial (including Power BI Pro)

Data syncronization

We will syncronize your data using a delta sync each night, after each syncronization event you as the creator of the configuration will also receive a status email on how the syncronization went. If you prefer to syncronize more often or on demand you can upgrade to Premium and then you as a MyBI configuration administrator can click your configuration and in the details view trigger a Delta or Full syncronization on demand.
If you click your configuration and enter the detailed view you have a link called Click to show all detailed sync logs that will show all your syncronization event. This will show you the success or failure of the syncronization event as well as how long it took to complete. If you like details in terms of how many records that were updated or fetched per table and how long each table took to syncronize you can see that by clicking the event log.
Please see the Pricing page for details on which data that each Edition of MyBI provides. The service syncronizes the data for the fiscal years ending from 2016.

Subscription and billing

We will time stamp upon registration and creation of your individual tenant, this date is then used for billing purposes. If you delete your configuration prior to 30 days have elapsed from create date we will not bill you for the service. If you try to create a configuration again the same policy will be applied but you will be invoiced every 30-day period from that date.
You will be invoiced for the service after 30 days have elapsed since your configuration was created.
You will be invoiced for the services that you as configuration creator or administrator have approved in the portal. The billable items are per the price model that you can find under the Pricing page.
You will find our privicy policy here.
You will find our privacy policy here.